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Sukarno Appointed As First President Of Indonesia

Saturday, 18th August 1945

The basic governmental structure of the new Republic of Indonesia was defined with the appointment of Sukarno as President and Mohammad Hatta as President and Vice-President. As the putting into effect the 1945 Indonesian constitution, which excluded any reference to Islamic law. The Central Indonesian National Committee (Komite Nasional Indonesia Poesat/KNIP) was setup to assist the president prior to election of a parliament.

Japanese Occupier Withdraw From Indonesia

Monday, 6th August 1945

Most of the Japanese military personnel and civilian colonial administrators were repatriated to Japan. Several hundred were detained for investigations into war crimes. About 1,000 Japanese soldiers deserted from their units and assimilated into local communities. Many of these soldiers provided assistance to Indonesian Republican forces during the Indonesian National Revolution.

Japan Invaded Dutch East Indies

Sunday, 8th March 1942

The Japanese Empire occupied Indonesia, also known as The Dutch East Indies, after the Japanese navy and army overran Dutch and allied forces. The occupation ended 347 years of Dutch colonial presence in Indonesia.


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