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Masjid Istiqlal or Istiqlal Mosque is rectangular main prayer hall building. It is covered by a central spherical dome of 45m in diameter. The latter is supported by twelve round columns and the prayer hall lined by rectangular piers carrying overhanging balconies on each of the four storeys. Staircases, placed on the corners of the building give access to all floors. Access into the hall is through an entrance building covered by a chutri-like dome 10m in diameter. The latter structure is directly connected to the arcades which run around the large courtyard. The alignment of the mosque's courtyard to the National Monument adds symbolic weight to the former's position and marks it as the National Mosque. Besides religious facilities, the mosque also provides for social and cultural activities that include: lectures, exhibitions, seminars, conferences, bazaars and programmes for women, youth and children. Istiqlal Masjid is near Veteran 01; is near Perwira; is near Lapangan Banteng Utr; is near Kathedral; is near Lapangan Banteng Brt; is near Veteran; is near Pos; is near Pintu Air; Istiqlal Masjid is geographically located at latitude(-6.1704 degrees) 6° 10' 13" South of the Equator and longitude (106.831 degrees) 106° 49' 51" East of the Prime Meridian on the Map of Jakarta.

The locations related to Istiqlal Masjid are represented by the path the bullet takes from the muzzle of the gun to the target and may not be nearest by road. For example, Istiqlal Masjid is located 250 metres from Gereja. Istiqlal Masjid is located 292 metres from Pertamina. Istiqlal Masjid is located 331 metres from Departemen Dalam Negeri. Istiqlal Masjid is located 344 metres from Mitra Pintu Air. Istiqlal Masjid is located 359 metres from Saint Ursula SMU.

Featured Places Of Interest Located Nearby
Monumen Nasional is located 0.7 Kilometres away from Istiqlal Masjid. Monumen Nasional - 1 Photo(s) Featured.
Gereja Immanuel is located 0.7 Kilometres away from Istiqlal Masjid. Gereja Immanuel - 1 Photo(s) Featured.
Istana Negara is located 0.8 Kilometres away from Istiqlal Masjid. Istana Negara - 1 Photo(s) Featured.

Borobudur 0.6km, Hotel 0.9km, Transera 1km, are places to stay (hotel, service apartment, inn) located near Istiqlal Masjid.

Mitra Pintu Air 0.3km, Istana Plaza 0.7km, King Plaza 0.9km, are places to shop (shopping mall, shop houses) located near Istiqlal Masjid.

Museum Kebangkitan Nasional 1.2km, Nasional Museum 1.2km, Museum Taman Prasasti 1.3km, are places of interest (attraction) located near Istiqlal Masjid.

Saint Ursula SMU 0.4km, Kristen Smu 0.4km, Sekolah 0.8km, are places of learning (school, college, university) located near Istiqlal Masjid.

Cemetery 8.1km, are parks, playgrounds, open fields or commons located near Istiqlal Masjid.

Istiqlal Masjid



Departemen Dalam Negeri

Mitra Pintu Air

Saint Ursula SMU

Dirjen Perhubungan Laut

Kristen Smu

Kantor Pos Pusat

Lembaga Admin Negara

Mahkamah Agung

Departemen Luar Negeri


Stasiun Gambir

Gedung Kesenian


Dirjen Pemasyarakatan

Istana Plaza

Monumen Nasional

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Istiqlal Masjid

Dept Keuangan is about 0.7 km away.

Gereja Immanuel is about 0.7 km away.

Istana Negara is about 0.8 km away.

Sekolah is about 0.8 km away.

King Plaza is about 0.9 km away.

Gereja is about 0.9 km away.